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Guide to Outdoor Advertising for Interstates

Guide to Outdoor Sign Regulations

BillboardOutdoor advertising devices that display products or services available at locations other than at the sign site are commonly referred to as "billboards." They are also called "off-premise signs," but we will refer to them as "billboards" for the purposes of this Web site.

Spacing requirements for billboards along Iowa interstates, primary freeways, and primary highways.

Billboards are not allowed to be erected along Scenic Byways. See if the area you are inquiring about is on a Scenic Byway.

More billboard examples.

Frequently asked questions (and their answers) regarding billboards

For in-depth information concerning billboards, view the Iowa Administrative Rules.

If you have any questions regarding billboards, please contact Iowa DOT's Agent Brent Christian at 515-239-1673

Download the Billboard application.

To find out if the county you are interested in obtaining a billboard permit in is zoned, view a detailed Iowa Map of zoned counties throughout Iowa.

Contact your county official directly.

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