Completed Bridge, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 08-22-2003
Aerial photo of the completed bridge and surrounding valley. July 2003: View beneath the completed bridge. Note that vegetation has returned to the site following construction.
July 2003: View of the completed bridge looking southwest. Barricades along new highway near the bridge site. The opening of US 20 between I-35 and Highway 14 on August 22, 2003 removed a major barrier to transportation in North Central Iowa.
August 22, 2003: The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Group photo showing Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, Iowa DOT staff and various contractors' staff. August 22, 2003: Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack addresses the crowd at the Ribbon Cutting ceremony.
August 22, 2003: US 20 Corridor Association President Floyd Magnusson. August 22, 2003: Iowa DOT Director Mark Wandro.
September 16, 2002, FHWA Award Ceremony: Jensen Construction Superintendent Brian Blair and his wife, Becky, posing with FHWA Administrator Mary Peters September 16, 2002, FHWA Award Ceremony: Iowa DOT Director Mark Wandro presents a color sketch of the Iowa River Bridge to FHWA Administrator Mary Peters.
September 16, 2002, FHWA Award Ceremony: Dan Timmons of Jensen Construction makes acceptance remarks to guests. September 16, 2002, FHWA Award Ceremony: Iowa DOT Director Mark Wandro receives FHWA Administrators Environmental Quality Award from FHWA Administrator Mary Peters.
View to the west of the completed bridge.

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