Final Westbound Launch; Deck Work on Eastbound Structure   2002-04-07
Using scraps from tail section as a jacking bracket for girders at Pier 6. Launching pit emptied out following removal of jacking equipment.
Eastbound bridge decking has progressed to Field Splice 3. Rotating top of bearing device to insert anchor bolts.
Jacking girders down onto bearings at Pier 6. Installing overhang brackets using homemade device.
Jacking girders transversely to proper alignment at Pier 6. Underside of roadway expansion joint at Pier 1.
Neither rain, or snow or sleet....launching proceeds despite the weather conditions. Pier 1 diaphragm prior to concrete placement.
Looking east at overall project on March 6, 2002. Looking south from eastbound girders along the Iowa River.
Looking west along centerline of US 20 during westbound launch #4 (note differential deflection). Jensen Construction Company crew gathered on the tugger beam following westbound launch #4 on March 11, 2002.
Looking up at workman tightening threadbar coupler. Looking east at nose section approaching Pier 1.
Looking northeast at nose section approaching Pier 1. Looking east from Pier 2 prior to nose touchdown (note differential deflection).
Looking west at girders showing deflection of westbound bridge during final launch. Contractor monitoring girder position on rollers.
Two torches being used to cut off nose section following landing on Pier 1. Unbolting nose section splice following landing on Pier 1.
Cutting off temporary piles in launching pit. Piles were extracted following capbeam removal. Bald eagle circling above the launching pit during final launch on March 27, 2002.
Bald eagle framed by a crane in the launching pit on March 27, 2002. Workman observing final snugging of jacking system.
Two bald eagles circling the launching pit on March 27, 2002. Cutting off nose section following landing on Pier 1.
Larger nose section being lifted out above West Abutment. Doug McDonald of the Iowa Department of Transportation.
Brian Blair of Jensen Construction - superintendent for the bridge project. Notching edge of nose girder flange to clear guide roller at Pier 1.
Looking along the centerline of US 20 between the two bridges. Partial Jensen crew following landing on Pier 1.
Checking girder position with respect to Centerline Bearing.
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