Launching of Eastbound-Lane Bridge Structure Begins  08-25-2001
Looking NE from scenic overview area downstream from the bridge. Pier 3 is in the center of the photo. Looking NE at Piers 2, 3 & 4.
Looking down at concrete pump truck and workpad area during Pier 4 capbeam placement. Looking east at launching nose installation.
Tail girders showing spreader beams between pairs of girders (note field welded tail notch extension). Brief history of the name "Steamboat Rock" from sign in the park just south of town.
Jacking beam in final configuration prior to test drive of first launch. Aerial photo looking NW showing project site and the river upstream.
Aerial photo looking northeast. Girder position after initial "test drive" on Saturday, August 11.
Walkway used for handling post-tensioning bars during launch. Looking west toward launching nose (girders are advanced approximately 120 feet from Pier 6).
Looking west along bottom flange of Girder E (girders advanced approximately 120 feet from Pier 6). Looking NE toward girders approximately 20 feet prior to nose touchdown on Pier 5.
Looking west toward Pier 5 just prior to launching nose touchdown (note: Girder F will touch down first). Looking west along bottom flange just prior to touchdown (note deflection of girder system).
Launching nose after touchdown on Pier 5. Looking west along Girder E web (note the distorted appearance between stiffeners).
Launching nose (section 2) being maneuvered around Pier 6 prior to installation. Launching nose (section 1) delivery into launching pit.
Placement of Pier 4 capbeam concrete (final substructure placement) with Piers 1, 2 and 3 in the background. Looking down at field drilling of launching nose web splice.
Post-tensioning bars along north side of girders. Post-tensioning bars passing through jacking beam.
Aerial photo looking SW showing Piers 1-5 and tip of the launching nose. Aerial photo looking northwest.
Field drilling bottom flange splice connecting launching nose to ends of Girder F. Installation of strain gauges by researchers from Iowa State University on Sunday, August 12.
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