Footing, Drill Shaft and Column Construction  11-17-2000
View from the top of Pier 2 during column concrete pour. Close-up view of rock cuttings.
Cattle grazing along the new backslope south of Pier 1. Approximate viewpoint of the time-lapse camera.
Overall view of bridge looking toward the east abutment. Overall view of bridge looking toward the west abutment.
View of sunset taken from Highway D35. View of sunset taken with fisheye lens.
Diver preparing to enter Pier 3 south shaft. Diver being helped out of the water after completion of dive.
Pier 1 footing prior to reinforcing steel placement. Lower end of jacking rig at Pier 3 shaft. Outer kelly bar is welded to W beams using angles. Jacking applies downward force to temporary casing and upward force to inner kelly.
Upper end of jacking rig. Inner kelly is being jacked with 2 - 50 ton portapower jacks. Auger with rock cuttings from Pier 3 drilled shaft.
Overview of project looking east. Overview of project looking east.
Pier 1 reinforcing steel being lowered into position. Looking down from top of Pier 2 north column.
Placing Pier 1 footing concrete with pump. Deer visiting the site during Pier 1 concrete placement.
Insulating Pier 2 north column to contain internal heat. Finishing Pier 1 concrete.
Applying the final touches to Pier 1 footing by moonlight.
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