Launch of WB Lane Structure Begins; Final EB Lane Structure Launch 02-03-2002
Beginning the erection of westbound (WB) girders. Ironworkers tying reinforcements for the west abutment.
Wild turkeys along the west side access road. Pier 1 backwall reinforcing in place.
West abutment wingwall reinforcing. Installing deck drain piping in WB girders prior to launching.
Installing macadam slope protection at west abutment. Pier 1 backwall (south half) complete.
Condensation pattern on WB girders (caused by shadows of bracing members). WB Span 1 during launch.
WB span in background, eastbound (EB) in foreground. WB nose just prior to touchdown at Pier 5.
Looking west from underneath WB bridge. Looking west along Centerline of US 20 during launch.
Launching pit during WB launch #1. Looking west along the bottom of WB girders.
West approach span beams in place. Surveying top/girder elevations prior to installing deck forms.
Looking east along the Centerline of US 20. Launching pit during final eastbound (EB) launch.
Launch operator at the controls. Nose touching down at Pier 1.
Nose entering the receiving pit during EB launch. Ends of final westbound (WB) girders in launching pit.
Looking east following EB launch. Vacuuming water out of anchor bolt wells prior to filling wells with grout.
Using vibratory unit to remove falsework piles in launching pit. Ends of girders after removal of launching nose.
Falsework piles after removal. Launching pit cleared out prior to starting WB falsework.
Removing tail section from EB girders. Cutting off falsework piles in launching pit.
Launching pit after installation of WB falsework.


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