Column Construction  12-06-2000
Looking northwest at the south end of the launching pit during early excavation. Looking down at the inside of Pier 2 column forms (this image was accidentally shot in black-and-white).
Minor spalling of concrete on corners of columns. Looking north from the top of Pier 2. Note the larger crane at Pier 3.
Looking west at Pier 2 columns. Note the frozen river in the background. Launching pit excavation - note the depth of cut in reference to the truck.
The crane has reached the bench at Pier 5 and is making the turn. Placing Pier 1 stemwall concrete with bucket (prior to the arrival of the pump truck).
Pier 2 column after stripping. Working on column reinforcing at Pier 2.
Looking south at Pier 1 backfilling operations. Stripping the column forms at Pier 2.
Backing American 999 crane down the hill on the east side of the river. Note the D8 dozer behind the crane. Crane is positioned at Pier 5 location.
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