Launching Pit, Access Road Construction  12-21-2000
Pier 5 crane bench. Pier 5 slope protection piles are underway.
Grading is complete for relocation of east side access road. Launching pit excavation is complete on 12/14/00.
East side access road location - new road is on the left. Close-up view showing Pier 2 capbeam support beams in place.
Looking north at east side access road - new road is on the left. Project overview looking east as of 12/1/00.
Launching pit excavation is approximately 20% complete as of 12/4/00. Construction of capbeam bevel forms.
Launching pit excavation in progress. Contractor is spreading wood mulch on launching pit backslopes.
Capbeam form support beams with double 2x12 decking. Looking east at project overview on 12/15/00.
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