Pier 4 5 6 Substructure Construction  04-12-2001
Looking down at Pier 5 column construction. Pier 4 workpad area showing drill rig and cofferdam.
Soil sloughing behind slope protection piles at Pier 6. Looking down at soil spilling between slope protection piles at Pier 6.
Pile driving operations at Pier 6. Activities around Pier 4 after completion of the containment berm.
Workman standing on timber tremie support platform at Pier 5. High water conditions surrounding Pier 4 workpad.
Clamshell excavator removing material from Pier 4 south cofferdam prior to casing installation. Ice flowing on the Iowa River on March 23, 2001.
March 30, 2001 - Jensen Construction foreman Bill Henry being interviewed by KCCI-TV news (Des Moines) with Pier 2 in the background. Reporter Chris Nagus from KCCI-TV in Des Moines taping the news segment that aired on March 30, 2001. Pier 5 is in the background.
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