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CN - Owner of Cedar River Railroad Co. (CEDR) - 2008

The Cedar River Railroad was established in 1991 with the acquisition of the Cedar Valley Railroad. Cedar Valley was formed in 1984 with the purchase of track from the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad. The CEDR is a subsidiary of the Chicago Central & Pacific Railroad (CC). CC is part of CN as a result of a merger with the Illinois Central Railroad.

The CEDR operates 103 miles from Waterloo to Glenville, Minn. About 83 miles are located in Iowa, including a branch line to Stacyville. The railroad interchanges traffic with the CC at Waterloo, as well as with the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad (formerly the Iowa Chicago & Eastern Railroad) in Charles City, Iowa, and Lyle, Minn., and with the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern and the Union Pacific in Glenville, Minn. CEDR does not directly employ any people; the employees are part of the CC, which is owned by CN.

The main products handled by the CEDR include grain, food products, and chemicals.