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Mobility funding

While eligible under several Federal Transit Administration programs, mobility management activities in Iowa are most commonly funded through the Job Access and Reverse Commute (5316) or New Freedom (5317) programs. Iowa DOT's State Transit Assistance Special Project funds have also been utilized. Local funding sources provide required match to the federal and state monies. Mobility management activities eligible for funding include:

  • Operating transportation brokerages to coordinate service providers, funding resources, and customer needs.
  • Coordinating transportation services for older adults, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with low incomes.
  • Supporting local partnerships that coordinate transportation services.
  • Staffing for the development and implementation of coordination plans.
  • Providing travel training and trip planning activities for customers.
  • Developing and operating traveler call centers to coordinate travel information, manage eligibility requirements, and arrange customer travel.
  • Planning and implementing the acquisition and purchase of intelligent transportation technologies to operate a coordinated system.

Public Transportation funding programs