Iowa Trails Summit

2013 presentations

Morning Session: Iowa Trails Today – an update on what’s new – from Blue Zones and trails funding to a vision for the future

Lessons Learned in Developing Decorah Trails - Mike Huinker
Blue Zones - Sue Beach
Demographic Secrets - Kris Hansen
Future Shock – Show Me the Money! - Kevin Blanshan

2012 presentations

The Influence of Media and Reconnecting Children with the Outdoors – Dr. Douglas Gentile
Virtual Windows and the Value of Nature – A look at the Work of Dr. Peter Kahn

2011 presentations

Session 1 - Multiuser Trail Safety Panel

Why do Horses do That? - Dr. Betty Grim
Dirt - Linn County Trails Association - Michelle Barker-Linn
Physically Disabled and Visually Imparied Trail Users - Mike Boone
2011 Iowa Trails Summit - Merv Hoermann

Session 2 - The Future of Trails in Iowa: An Inside Look

The Landscaped Trails - Emily Swihart
Building Excitement in Trails - Brian Leaders
Federal and State Trail Funding - Craig Markley

Session 3 - Trails: A Journey or a Destination

Sharing Trails, Ideas and Innovations - Gary Hanson
Maquoketa River Water Trail - Larry Gullet

2010 presentations

Session 1 - Planning a Healthy Community

The Evolving Dimensions of Trail Planning - Al Bohling
Welcome to Decorah - Mike Huinker
Healthy Trails Stats and Facts - Terry Durby

Session 2 - Diversity and Accessibility

Diversity and Accessibility - Dan Kleen
All I want to do is Ride My Bike - Kittie Knauer
Iowa Bicycle Coalition - Mark Wyatt

Session 3 - Trail Planning, Development and Funding

Story County Conservation - Carol Williams
Vision for Trails in Iowa - Lisa Hein
Iowa DOT Trail Planning Efforts and Funding Programs - Craig Markley

Session 4 - Multi-Use and Shared Trails

Coon Rapids - Whiterock - Liz Garst
Developing Water Trails - Pat Boddy
Sharing Dirt Trails - Ryan Hanser