I-Jobs-Iowa’s Infrastructure Investment Initiative


Public Transit

In mid-March 2009, Governor Chet Culver unveiled details of a $750 million plan to create jobs and invest in infrastructure throughout Iowa. Called I-JOBS, the Culver/Judge initiative is a three-year plan to create jobs, strengthen the state's economy and rebuild several critical areas of the state’s infrastructure.

A slightly modified, $830 million version of the I-JOBS plan, which includes multiple components in several bills [House File 820, House File 822, Senate File 376, Senate File 474, and Senate File 477], was approved by the legislature during the 2009 legislative session and signed into law by the governor in May 2009. The money will be used for a wide range of projects, including: $285 million for the veterans' home, community colleges and other public improvements; $165 million for flood recovery and rebuilding; $115 million for transportation infrastructure; $115 million Iowa’s universities; $80 million the environment and water quality; $35 million to meet housing needs; and $35 million for telecommunications and renewable energy projects.

These I-JOBS Acts will help rebuild a smarter, safer and strong Iowa. They will allow the state to speed up its recovery from one of the worst natural disasters in American history – the floods of 2008. It will put Iowans to work. From transportation to housing, from education to technology, from alternative energy to water systems, no aspect of our state's public infrastructure will go untouched.