I-Jobs-Iowa’s Infrastructure Investment Initiative

Contract lettings

Street Fund

Projects selected under the Bridge Safety Fund program, and possibly some local road and bridge projects meeting certain monetary thresholds defined in the Iowa law, will be let through the Iowa DOT’s existing contract letting system.  

Bid Here Projects under all other transportation programs will be selected through a competitive application process and information about those processes is identified within each program’s Web page.

Because I-JOBS is a multi year initiative and bond funding must be generated to support these program, bond funding must be generated to support some of these program, with the first letting occurring some time during the fall of 2009.  Advance approval is required by the Transportation Commission of any projects not already included in the FY 2010-2014 Transportation Improvement Program.

Contractors, prequalified through the Iowa DOT’s
Office of Contracts, may bid on these projects through the normal online bidding process using Bid Express.