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General Aviation Vertical Infrastructure (GAVI)

General Aviation

House File 822 appropriated to the Iowa DOT $750,000 for infrastructure improvement grants at general aviation airports within the state. The funds are being allocated through the existing General Aviation Vertical Infrastructure (GAVI) program, which is a competitive application program open to all publically owned general aviation airports in the state.

The GAVI program funds up to 85 percent of infrastructure costs associated with projects that involve landside development and renovation of airport terminals, hangars, maintenance buildings, and fuel facilities. Routine maintenance of buildings and minor renovation projects are not eligible. Both new and rehabilitation projects are considered.

General eligibility guidelines for funding under the GAVI program include: (1) must meet the objectives of the aviation system plan; (2) new construction must be shown on an airport layout plan; and (3) the applicant must have no outstanding grants that are not showing significant progress.

Projects are prioritized using the following criteria: airport role; project type; justification; local participation; and multijurisdictional support.

FY 2010 funding

A total of $975,069 is available for the Fiscal Year 2010 GAVI program. Applications were due May 5, 2009.

During their June 8, 2009, meeting, the Iowa Transportation Commission was presented information about the applications received by the Iowa DOT for this funding, as well as the department’s recommendations to fund 12 projects. The recommendation includes four new construction projects valued at $576,228 and eight rehabilitation projects valued at $398,841.  The Transportation Commission approved the department's recommendations at their meeting July 14, 2009.

FY 2010 GAVI Projects

Type of Improvement
Total Project Cost
State Share
I-JOBS Funds

Atlantic Municipal Airport

Construct 3 unit t-hangar



Boone Municipal Airport

Construct two unit aircraft hangar



Clarion Municipal Airport

Rehabilitate hangar - Phase 1*



Davenport Municipal

Rehabilitate t-hangar doors



Fairfield Municipal Airport

Rehabilitate hangar



Maquoketa Airport

Rehabilitate hangar



Ottumwa Industrial Airport

Rehabilitate hangar structure for new door installation



Red Oak Municipal Airport

Rehabilitate hangar roof



Shenandoah Airport

Rehabilitate hangar - construct PCC floor



Tipton Municipal Airport

Construct hangar






Regular GAVI Funds

Clarion  Municipal Airport

Rehabilitate hangar - Phase 1*



Independence Municipal Airport

Construct hangar extension



Osceola Municipal Airport

Rehabilitate maintenance hangar