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Uniform Act
On Jan. 2, 1971, Public Law 91-646, the "Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970," (Uniform Act) was signed into law. The Uniform Act provides important protections and assistance for people affected by federally funded projects. This law was enacted by Congress to ensure that people whose real property is acquired, or who move as a result of projects receiving federal funds, will be treated fairly and equitably and will receive assistance in moving from the property they occupy.
unit train
A freight train that moves carloads of a single product between two points; by unloading on arrival and returning promptly for another load, such trains can cut costs because they eliminate intermediate stops in yards and reduce cycle times.
upper chord
The top longitudinal member of a bridge truss.
useful field of view (UFOV)
That area surrounding the point of fixation within which one can perform more complex tasks; this might include discriminating among letters or geometric figures, identifying a target against a complicated background display, or combining a secondary task in the periphery with an ongoing task in the forward (central) field of view.