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A federal budgetary term that refers to the specific designation by Congress that is part of a more general lump-sum appropriation to be used for a particular project; the earmark can be designated as a minimum and/or maximum dollar amount.
edgeline visibility
The detection/recognition of painted pavement surface delineation along roadway edges.
The point at which there is a complete contract, used in various terms; encumbered is one type of obligation.
Passenger boardings at airports.
environmental assessment (EA)
Compared to an environmental impact statement, an environmental assessment is a less-detailed level of environmental scrutiny. At the conclusion of the environmental assessment, an environmental impact statement may be ordered if conditions warrant. If not, a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) will be issued.
environmental impact statement (EIS)
One of the environmental protection mechanisms established by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969; environmental impact statements report the environmental impacts that will likely result from major federally assisted projects.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The federal department that oversees enforcement of major environmental laws.
environmental stewardship
A philosophical concept of government, the public, resource users and businesses all taking responsibility and working together to care for natural resources.
essential air service
Government subsidized airline service to rural areas of the United States that continued after the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978.
exit gore area
The area located immediately between the left edge of a ramp pavement and right edge of the mainline roadway pavement at a merge or diverge area.
expansion joint
A joint in concrete paving or bridge construction designed to provide means for expansion and contraction movements produced by temperature changes, load or other forces.
Same as drawn down, but uses its own funds.
An expressway is a divided highway facility usually having two or more lanes for the exclusive use of traffic in each direction and partial control of access; as opposed to a freeway that has full control of access.
Steel bars that hold wire strands of the main bridge cable and are attached to beams embedded in the concrete of an anchorage.