About Geospatial Technologies and information

U.S. MapGeospatial technologies and information at Iowa DOT encompasses many disciplines, from linear referencing to remote sensing to vehicle resource tracking. The department leverages a service central software neutral approach to data access which gives flexibility in development of systems and opens data to as many as possible. We also leverage a federated model to GIS. The federated model has a small central core of people that guide and coordinate technology and data. Staff is empowered staff to make the most of the department’s geospatial investment to manage and maintain their data and processes.


Eric Abrams

Spatial and GIS team leader
Phone: 515-239-1949
E-mail: eric.abrams@iowadot.us
  • Project management
  • Geospatial coordination
  • Customer relations
  • GIS and spatial technologies
  • Visioning and direction

Tom Samson

Information Technology Specialist
Phone: 515-239-1920
E-mail: thomas.samson@iowadot.us
  • Imagery/LiDAR data management
  • Geospatial expert
  • Geospatial software maintenance and support
  • Geospatial training
  • ArcServer administrator

Mark McCart, Security+

GIS Systems Architect
Embedded Contractor (HNTB)
Phone: 515-239-1754
E-mail: mark.mccart@iowadot.us
  • Project management
  • Geospatial systems architecture
  • Enterprise geospatial quality assurance
  • Custom geospatial solutions development
  • Geocortex

Cody Barrett, GISP

Sr. Design/Developer
Embedded Contractor (HNTB)
Phone: 515-239-1728
E-mail: cody.barrett@iowadot.us
  • Custom geospatial solutions development
  • ArcGIS Online lead
  • Geospatial software expert
  • Web services expert
  • Geospatial technical advisor