Release date: April 16, 2019
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The Iowa DOT ERL includes the Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridge Construction with the General Supplemental Specifications incorporated into the Standard Specifications, showing changes made since the previous GS.

The ERL also includes the Supplemental Specifications, Materials I.M.s, Standard Road Plans, Standard Culvert Plans, Standard Bridge Plans, Sign Truss Standards, Construction Manual, Flagger's Handbook, and SUDAS Standard Specifications.

The Specifications are hypertext-based files and can be browsed by using our
e-book format.

New ERL releases

The Iowa DOT ERL is released in April and October of each year; however, corrections due to inconsistencies between ERL and printed documents may be issued at any time. Users can check the "How to install" tab to see that they have the most current version of the ERL.

Print copy

The ERL is provided as a convenience to our users. The printed version governs if there is a discrepancy between the electronic and printed versions.

Downloading individual ERL parts

Hyperlinks between the downloaded individual ERL parts will not function, such as hyperlinks between the Standard Specifications with GS-15005 and the Materials I.M.’s.  For full functionality, the entire should be downloaded.

Downloading revisions

Revisions to ERL downloads will be indicated by the Revision date. Updating the file will require downloading file again. Downloading a revised part of the ERL will not update the file that was previously downloaded.

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