Fast-setting repair mortars used for concrete structural components shall meet the requirements of applicable Iowa Department of Transportation Specifications. These mortars shall be able to be used on horizontal, vertical and overhand locations. Acceptance of fast-setting repair mortars for use on Department of Transportation projects will be on the basis of manufacturer and brand name approval. Approved manufacturers and brands of fast-setting repair mortars for structural components are listed in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).



To obtain approval for fast-setting repair mortars, the manufacturer shall submit the following items to the Office of Materials in Ames, Iowa:


1. Product identification including brand name and product number


2. Complete manufacturer recommendations for usage


3.     A current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


4.     An approved laboratory test report showing that the product meets the following criteria:


Compressive Strength (ASTM C109): Minimum 3000 psi, 1 day

Minimum 5000 psi, 7 days

Bond, Slander Shear (ASTM C882) Minimum 1000 psi, 1 day, lab-cure

Length Change: Maximum 0.15%, 28 days

(ASTM C157 or Other Appropriate Method)


Approved manufacturers and brand names of fast-setting repair mortars for concrete will be listed in Appendix A.



The manufacturer shall file a certification with the Office of Materials at the beginning of each calendar year stating that the material supplied during that year is identical with the formulation previously tested and approved by the Office of Materials.



The Office of Materials may sample and test fast-setting repair mortars to verify their capability of meeting the approval requirements.