Erosion control products shall meet the requirements of applicable Iowa Department of Transportation Specifications.



To obtain approval, the manufacturer shall submit the following to the Construction and Materials Bureau in Ames, Iowa:


1.   Product identification including brand name and product number

2.   A sample suitable for testing may be requested by the Construction and Materials Bureau.

3.   The NTPEP test data for products covered by NTPEP.

4.   Company information with list of contact personnel and any available product literature.



Acceptance of erosion control products will be on the basis of Approved brand name, except wattles, filter socks, grate intake sediment filter bags, and open-throat curb intake sediment filters, which will be accepted based on the manufacturer’s certification. Compost will be accepted if the material is from a participant in the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program or on the basis of satisfactory test results performed by a STA certified lab


Approved brand names are listed by manufacturer in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).


Manufacturer’s certification for wattles, and filter socks, grate intake sediment filter bags, and open throat curb intake sediment filters shall include this statement:


“This is to certify that (insert product name) meets the applicable Specifications, Standard Road Plan, and/or other contract document of the Iowa Department of Transportation for (insert item name: Wattles, Filter Socks, grate intake sediment filter bags, or open-throat curb intake sediment filters)”



The Construction and Materials Bureau may sample and test erosion control products to verify compliance with specifications.