This IM covers epoxy-coated steel reinforcement.  The requirements for epoxy coated steel reinforcement can be found in standard specification 4151.  Approved epoxy coaters, reinforcing steel manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators and epoxy powder can be found in the Materials Approved Products Listing Enterprise (MAPLE).




·        Refer to IM 451.03B Appendix A for the coater approval requirements.

·        Refer to IM 451.03B Appendix B for the epoxy powder approval requirements.

·        Refer to IM 451.03B Appendix C for the dowel bar basket assemblies/load transfer dowels approval requirements.

·        Refer to IM 451.03B Appendix D for the epoxy coated steel reinforcement fabricator/supplier approval requirements.




·        The steel mill, epoxy coater and/or supplier shall furnish an identification list, invoice or bill of loading for each shipment to each project.  It shall show the project, design number, size, length, grade, heat number, source and number and weight of pieces in the shipment and contain a certification statement state that the attached mill test reports and epoxy coating certifications represent the itemized material and comply with the applicable specifications.  In addition, the name and location of the epoxy coating plant and supplier/fabricator if different from the coating plant must be shown.

·        The signed mill test reports/certification shall include the physical, chemical and mechanical properties, ASTM designation, grade and type for each heat. 

·        A copy of the epoxy powder certificates and epoxy coating test certificates shall be provided. 

o   The epoxy-coating certifications shall provide the coating lot number and powder lot numbers for the heat numbers included in the shipment and the quality control test results for coating thickness, coating continuity, profile measurements and coating flexibility for all coating lots represented in the shipment. 

o   The epoxy powder certifications shall be for the powder lot numbers for all coating lots represented in the shipment.

·        The signed mill test reports/certification shall also include a statement indicating the steel meets the requirements of IM 107, Group 1, Buy America.

·        Each epoxy coated bundle shall have a tag showing the heat number, mill, coater’s name and the date the coating was applied.


·        The certification of compliance shall be signed by a designated or responsible company representative and shall be stated as follows:


The materials itemized in this shipment are from the sources approved by Iowa Department of Transportation and are certified to be in compliance with the applicable ASTM Standards and the Iowa Department of Transportation Standard Specifications, IMs and meet the Buy America requirements as described in IM 107 for all steel, iron products and coatings.





Authorized Signature & Date


A copy of these documents is required for each shipment to a project and shall be provided to the Project Engineer and the District Materials Office responsible for project administration or warehouse stock monitoring.



Acceptance of epoxy-coated steel reinforcement will be based on complying verification test samples and as follows:


a.     Black reinforcing steel originates from an approved manufacturer of steel reinforcement. Approved manufacturers of reinforcing steel are listed in IM 451 Appendix D.


b.     Epoxy coating has been applied by an approved epoxy coater as listed in Appendix A of this IM.


c.      Steel reinforcement is supplied through approved suppliers/fabricators listed in Appendix E of this IM.


d.     Approved epoxy powders and patching compounds are listed in Appendix B of this IM.



The location of the sample within a bar shall be at least 3 ft. from the ends of the bar.


For each project, Personnel from the District Materials Office shall secure a random field verification sample 6 ft. of any size bar in the project.


Two additional samples of the same size shall be secured if the first sample indicates non-compliance. Non-compliance may be considered a cause for rejection. If a bar size in a shipment is rejected, a similar sampling procedure shall be applied to the remaining bar sizes in the shipment.