Section 4137. Asphalt Binder


4137.01 general requirements.


A. Meet the requirements for the type and grade specified in the contract documents.


B. Determine performance grade according to AASHTO R 29.


C. Do not add acids to modify asphalt binders.


D. For asphalt binder grades with a temperature spread of 92 or greater, use binders that meet the PG+ requirements established by the Combined State Binder Group as follows:


Table 4137.01-1: PG+ Requirements

Temperature Spread1, 2




Elastic Recovery: AASHTO T 301 at 77 F.

(RTFO Aged AASHTO T 240)

65% min.

65% min.

65% min.

DSR Phase Angle; degrees (original binder)

77.0 max.


73.0 max.

1 Temperature spread is determined by subtracting low temperature from high temperature; for example PG 64-28: 64 - (-28) = 92


2 When a grade change is required to compensate for binder in recycled materials, the virgin binder provided shall meet the above requirements for the original grade specified in the contract documents.