Section 2555.  Deliver and Stockpile Salvaged Materials


2555.01     DESCRIPTION.

Deliver and stockpile salvaged materials as tabulated in the contract documents.


2555.02     materials.



2555.03     Construction.


A.     The contract documents will identify the quantity of each item to be salvaged, delivery location, and stockpiling requirements.


B.    Salvage without damaging, disassemble, clean, and match mark (if required) items to be stockpiled. Bundle in lots normal to the product being salvaged. Replace items damaged from Contractor’s operations with new materials (at no additional cost to the Contracting Authority). 


C.    Deliver salvaged materials, to the location indentified on the contract documents, during normal business hours. Contact the Engineer to schedule delivery and stockpiling of materials at stockpile site.


D.    Stockpile salvaged materials in an orderly fashion without intermingling. Provide blocking as necessary to ensure items are not in contact with soil.



None. Lump sum item.


2555.05     BASIS OF PAYMENT.

The lump sum price for Deliver and Stockpile Salvaged Materials will be full payment for salvaging, disassembling, cleaning, match marking, bundling, delivering, blocking, and stockpiling.