Section 2534.  Delivery of Samples


2534.01     description.

This item covers the delivery of project samples for testing purposes. It applies to Interstate and Primary projects for which certified plant inspection is required or authorized. These provisions do not apply to Non-Primary projects for which certified plant inspection is required or authorized, unless indicated in the contract documents.


2534.02     MATERIALS.



2534.03     sample delivery and recieving.


A.    Sample Delivery.


1.     Deliver to the Engineer samples for the purposes of acceptance, monitoring, and verification testing. Include aggregates and asphalt mixtures. Samples of other materials may be required.


2.     Properly identify the samples. Deliver to the District Materials Laboratory for the District having jurisdiction over the contract, unless the Engineer directs otherwise. Deliver the samples promptly, as determined by the Engineer.


B.    Sample Receiving.


1.     Samples received by the District Materials Engineer will be promptly tested. Materials for projects with accelerated work schedules will be given special consideration.


2.     Not all samples are to be tested. The selection of samples to be tested will be made by the District Materials Engineer, based on Construction Office and Materials Office instructions. Samples initially identified for testing will normally be tested at least by the end of the working day following delivery. These test results will be available to the Contractor as soon as testing is completed.


2534.04     method of measurement.



2534.05     basis of payment.

Preparing, identifying, and delivering samples will be considered incidental to the cost for samples of the appropriate item.