Section 2510.  Removal of Pavement


2510.01     description.

Remove PCC pavement including reinforcing, pavement widening, HMA pavement, detour pavement, and integral and separate curb. Break up PCC pavement and leave in place. Remove anchor lugs in continuously reinforced PCC pavement.


2510.02     materials.



2510.03     construction.


A.    Pavement Removal.


1.     General.

a.     Remove pavement as specified in the contract documents. Within the pavement area, remove utility accesses, intakes, service boxes, integral and separate curb, and junction boxes.

b.     Remove pavement to be processed for reuse or stockpiled for salvage or recycling.  Do so in a manner that minimizes inclusion of fine material from the shoulder, subgrade, or other underlying course or other foreign material.

c.     When a portion of concrete pavement is to be removed and the remaining portion is later abutted at its top surface with new pavement, saw the breakout line of the old slab to full depth.

d.     Remove to a new saw line and replace, at no additional cost to the Contracting Authority, all concrete broken or damaged beyond the breakout line designated by the Engineer.

e.     When pavement removal results in road closure to public or local traffic, start the removal operation no more than 2 weeks before the succeeding operation is scheduled to begin. Apply the 2 week requirement to each succeeding operation until the closure is no longer necessary.

f.      All concrete, reinforcing, or other metal items which are removed and not specified for stockpiling, salvaging, recycling, or any other placement becomes the property of the Contractor. Remove according to Article 1104.08.


2.     Portland Cement Concrete.

a.     If PCC pavement or other broken concrete is to be placed in fills, cut off  protruding steel to within 3 inches of encasing concrete. Place it in alternating layers of broken concrete and soil with a maximum depth of either layer of 2 feet. Do not place broken concrete within 2 feet of the final cross section. Limit the maximum size of broken concrete to approximately 0.25 square yard.

b.     For PCC pavement or broken concrete to be used as revetment, meet the requirements of Article 4130.01.

c.     When pavement removal is adjacent to a bridge, railroad crossing, or similar structure, do not use heavy breaking equipment within 20 feet or within the reinforced section at the bridge approach, whichever is larger or applicable. Apply Article 1105.12, H, to use of this type of equipment.

d.     Cut the pavement full depth approximately 2 feet from the bridge. Use a jack hammer or other hand methods to break up and remove pavement within that area. Beyond 2 feet and within the bridge approach or 20 feet, a tractor mounted jack hammer or similar light equipment may also be used.


3.     Hot Mix Asphalt.

Remove asphalt pavement as specified in the contract documents.


4.     PCC Pavement with HMA Resurfacing (Composite Pavement Section).

The contract documents may specify that the HMA Resurfacing be removed from the PCC pavement as a separate operation. When not specified, the Contractor may remove the composite pavement as a single operation.


5.     Removal and Crushing of Pavement.

The contract documents may require the pavement be removed and crushed. When required, the contract documents will specify the size or gradation, or both, to which to crush the pavement. The contract documents will also specify where the crushed material is to be stockpiled or used in the contract.


6.     Removal of Intakes and Utility Accesses.

Remove the top and sides of the structure a minimum of 10 feet below the subgrade or 6 feet below the finished grade in other areas. Plug all of the pipes in the structure to be removed using Class C concrete. If the structure is more than 10 feet deep, fill the remaining structure with flowable mortar. Place compacted fill over excavation.


B.    Breaking Up Old Pavement.

When specified in the contract documents, shatter concrete pavement (maximum size of unbroken concrete to be 0.5 square yard) and leave in place.


2510.04     method of measurement.

Measurement for the items below will be as follows:


A.    Removal of Pavement.

Square yards. This includes areas of utility accesses and intakes within the pavement area, and integral and separate curb.  Removal of reinforcing steel will be incidental to removal of pavement and will not be measured for payment.


B.    Breaking Up Pavement.

Square yards for the area of pavement broken up and left in place according to the contract documents.


C.    Removal of Anchor Lugs.

By count for each traffic lane.


D.    Pavement Scarification.

Square yards where the HMA Resurfacing has been scarified prior to the removal of the pavement. HMA Resurfacing removed and crushed with the PCC pavement will be included in the area of pavement scarification if the composite crushed material meets the gradation and composition required by the contract documents.


E.    Removal and Crushing of Pavement.

Square yards removed and crushed according to the contract documents.


F.     Removal of Intakes and Utility Accesses.

By count.


2510.05     basis of payment.

For removal of pavement and breaking up pavement as specified, payment will be the contact unit price as described below. Payment is full compensation for furnishing all tools, equipment, labor, and materials for completion of the work as specified in the contract documents.


A.    Removal of Pavement.


1.     Per square yard.


2.     When recycling is not mandatory, the cost of recycling pavement removal into granular subbase, granular shoulders, or special backfill material is included into the cost of the items for which the recycled pavement material will be used.


3.     The cost of saw cut and integral and separate curb is included in the contract unit price for the Removal of Pavement, Pavement Scarification, or Removal and Crushing of Pavement.


B.    Breaking up Pavement.

Per square yard for the area of pavement broken up and left in place according to the contract documents.


C.    Removal of Anchor Lugs.

Each. If removal of anchor lugs is not a bid item in the contract documents, payment will be $600 per lane for each anchor lug removed.


D.    Pavement Scarification.

Per square yard.


E.    Removal and Crushing of Pavement.

Per square yard.


F.     Removal of Intakes and Utility Accesses.

Each. Payment is full compensation for the work of plugging pipes, filling remaining structures with flowable mortar, and placing compacted fill.