Iowa DOT puts illegal motor vehicle scrappers on notice

Example AdAMES, Iowa Ė May 12, 2008 - The Iowa Department of Transportationís (Iowa DOT) Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement is currently cracking down on and stepping up investigations into the activities of illegal motor vehicle scrappers, including persons placing classified advertisements on Web sites (e.g., CRAIGSLISTģ) and in local newspaper publications, and displaying signs that say Ė "WE BUY JUNK CARS FOR CASH $$$."

High scrap metal prices have made illegal scrapping a lucrative money-maker for those who prey on Iowans anxious to get rid of their junk vehicles. Itís not uncommon for these individuals to make false claims such as, "We are able to remove vehicles without titles."

According to Major Kerry A. Kirkpatrick with the Iowa DOTís motor vehicle enforcement investigative unit, "Legitimate entities that are properly licensed as authorized vehicle recyclers know the requirements for accepting vehicles to process as scrap metal and refuse to take vehicles from individuals that donít have the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership."

The Iowa DOTís increased investigation and enforcement activities in response to complaints and recent cases concerning illegal metal scrapping by unlicensed persons and businesses. The stepped-up enforcement is intended to curtail these illegal activities, enforce Iowa laws, and discourage others from undertaking or participating in these activities, while supporting responsible recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

In addition to the enhanced enforcement effort, the Iowa DOT has also developed a section on its Web site devoted to informing motor vehicle owners, scrap metal recyclers, used vehicle dealers, nonprofit organizations, vehicle demolishers, and law enforcement agencies about proper, legal disposal of junk vehicles. To access the site, visit: Other public education materials will also be distributed throughout the state.

Contact: Major Paul J. Steier of the Iowa DOTís Motor Vehicle Enforcement investigative unit at or 515-237-3260.