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Junking certificate

A vehicle owner(s) may turn in their "end-of-life" vehicle’s current title and registration plates to their county treasurer and receive, free of charge, a junking certificate.

A junking certificate will allow the vehicle’s owner(s) to transfer ownership of the vehicle to another entity/individual by virtue of an assignment on the certificate. A junking certificate is the “death certificate” for the vehicle.

The vehicle can never be titled again, unless:
  1. The vehicle owner(s) requests that the title be reinstated within 14 days of the junking certificate’s date of issue. To reinstate the title, an application must be filed with the county treasurer and appropriate fees paid.
  2. Following the 14-day period, the title can only be reinstated if the owner makes an application for certificate of title to the Iowa DOT, and the department determines that the junking certificate was obtained by mistake or inadvertence.
  3. If a vehicle owner’s application for certificate of title to the Iowa DOT is denied and the vehicle is 25 years or older, the owner may apply for a certificate of title under the bonding procedure (, as provided in Iowa Code Section 321.24; or the owner may seek administrative hearing.