Traffic technician

The district traffic technician is the contact for official sign requests along with other special issues along primary roadways. Requests can be made for the following:
  • Signage issues including but not limited to: regulatory, warning, camping, general service, pedestrian/school, library, engine brake, no parking, mileage destinations, destination signs guiding for cities, streets, roads, cultural, recreational, historical, and approved facilities.
  • Traffic control devices.
  • Paint markings.
  • Safety concerns.
  • Any other type of signing issues such as political signs, special event signing, scenic byways, and memorial highway signing.
  • Traffic Engineering Studies including but not limited to: no passing zones, speed, signals, and school.
  • Crash analysis.
District 1 traffic technician
Name Position Phone Number
Gary Kretlow, Jr. traffic technician 515-239-1199