Anticipated contractor-furnished borrow needs

This is advance notification of anticipated needs for contractor-furnished borrow material.  It is the best information available at the time of posting but design details and letting dates are subject to change.  Estimated letting date information is updated routinely at: .

Any borrow information provided is for information purposes only. The information presented, consisting of prospective borrow locations, boring locations, boring logs, and lab test results on soil samples, may or may not have been complete when originally obtained for the Iowa Department of Transportation. Therefore the information may or may not be complete for the purposes of a contractor’s borrow selection. The information is provided “as is” and does not necessarily represent any final review, evaluation, selection, or borrow intent by the Iowa DOT. The contractor is responsible for review and evaluation of the data, and how it may apply to the contractor’s selection for borrow. The contractor must follow the specified requirements of the contract documents when applying the information to any borrow site selected by the contractor.

Project sheets and files

Fiscal year Title Download
2015 Louisa County U.S. 61 PDF icon58-0613-057_Draft_Grading.pdf
2015 Warren Co. Highway 92 Zip

Geotechnical Investigation Data

Title Download
Black Hawk Co. US 218    Zip file 07-2187-207-210
Black Hawk County US 218 (207)    Zip file
Dubuque County US 20 (195) Zip file
Louisa Co. US 61   Zip file 58-0613-057
Linn Highway 100 PDF iconIA100_TW_BorrowBoring_Lab_Results.pdf
Linn Highway 100 PDF iconia100_tw_borrow_boring_logs.pdf
Linn Highway 100 PDF iconIA100_Borrow_Borings_Layoutreduced.pdf
Sac County IA 196 (17) & (21) PDF
Warren Co. I-35     Zip file91-0352-353-354-410