Road Design Details - 8000s

Median Crossings, Guardrail, Barriers & Earthwork
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8100 Miscellaneous Median Crossing Details  
8101 Maintenance Turnaround PDF file
8102 Grading for Access to Pole Lines PDF file  
8200 Guardrail and Barrier Installations  
8208 Concrete Barrier with MSE Wall PDF file  
8210 Temporary Concrete Barrier Layout for One-Way Traffic  PDF file  
8212 Temporary Concrete Barrier Layout for Two-Way Traffic PDF file  
8300 Earthwork Details  
8301 Typical Details of Drain for Subgrade Treatment Trench PDF file  
8302 Subdrain Maintenance during Shouldering Activities PDF file  
8303 Temporary Outlet for Granular Subbase Drainage PDF file