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Top 200 Safety Improvement Candidate Locations (SICL) Intersections

The Iowa DOT's Office of Traffic and Safety has updated a list of the top 200 intersection safety improvement candidate locations (SICL) in Iowa. This list is supplemental to Iowa DOT's primary focus, Iowa's 5 Percent Safety Report.

To develop this list, all crashes in Iowa are used to determine an initial cut of intersections that meet the criteria of at least one crash. The intersections identified are then ranked according to the number of crashes, the severity of the crashes, and the rate at which crashes occur. To read more details regarding Iowa's SICL, see Iowa SICL method.

The Iowa DOT utilizes crash reports filed by city police departments, county sheriffs, the Iowa State Patrol and individual drivers in determining the listings.

The locations identified are eligible for funding assistance to develop safety improvements under the Iowa Traffic Safety Fund Program. Grant applications for funding are competitive and subject to comparison with the 5 percent severe safety needs list. The Iowa DOT will select proposals that provide the greatest safety return on the dollars invested. Proposals must be submitted to the Iowa DOT by June 15th each year to qualify for funding the following year. The Iowa Transportation Commission will consider and approve funding for selected locations during November and December.

Safety improvement candidate locations for each community are available upon request, and the county and larger city listings will soon be available through the county and city profile pages.

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