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SAVER/Diagram magic
SAVER project file
Sept. 4, 2003
(ZIPfile: 814KB — expands to 5.9MB in one file)
The SAVER project file is an ArcView GIS 3.2/3.3 project file that contains the dialogs and scripts developed to produce SAVER. You will need ArcView GIS 3.2/3.3, available from ESRI to open the SAVER project file.
System operational directories and files
Sept. 4, 2003
(ZIPfile: 4MB — expands to 15.5MB in 2105 files within 313 folders)
The SAVER operational directories and files are required for SAVER operation. These are the files that configure and define all operations (e.g., dialogs, queries, reports, stacking) within SAVER. Each new version of the SAVER project file may have associated system operational directory and file update, as indicated by the date stamp.


Data is not available via the Web. New users must contact to receive the data. Some data requestors may have their data needs met some other way.

If you do not have software that can extract files from ZIP files, you may need to acquire such software. If you do not wish to use this option, contact to recieve a CD via the U.S. Postal Service.

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