The Iowa DOT offers a summer Business, Industry and Technology Student Internship Program. The overall purpose of the program is to give students technical, real-world experience. The Iowa DOT partners with InTrans at Iowa State University to provide career mentoring as part of the internship.

Internship ProgramStudents will work at Iowa DOT offices, located within the central complex in Ames, Iowa; and be scheduled to work 40 hours per week through the summer.

Focus will be on gaining practical experience in areas such as:
  • Engineering/Construction technology
  • Finance/Accounting.
  • Geographic information systems.
  • Human resources.
  • Marketing/Graphic and Web design.
  • Safety.
To qualify, students must:
  • Be able to work 40 hours per week.
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Enroll in their college's internship program.
Students will be required to periodically submit written reports and make oral presentations to summarize their internship efforts, outcomes, and relevance to their degree programs and career aspirations.

The Business, Industry and Technology Student Internship Program will complement each student's course work and lab experiences in their respective undergraduate degree program.

At the end of the summer, students will have gained increased technical and nontechnical skills related to their curriculum, and have a greater understanding of the field and what technical areas they are interested in upon graduation.

Business, Industry and Technology Student Internship Application

Currently, the Iowa DOT does not have any summer internship openings available for 2013. Please check back next spring of 2014 for availability of internships for the summer of 2014.

To sign up for e-mail alerts about internship openings, please visit: www.iowadot/jobs and click on the co-ops and internships page to subscribe.

For more information about internship opportunities at the Iowa DOT contact:

Iowa Department of Transportation
Summer Internship Program

What students are saying

"I am getting to work on a project from concept to final design. You learn a lot fast. It's a good team atmosphere."
Travis S.

"Having the opportunity to apply my academic studies to real world issues has been a really rewarding experience. Being able to share and expand my knowledge has helped me be better prepared for my future professional career after graduation."
Andrew P. – Office of Employee Services, safety team

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