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The Office of Contracts is at the focal point where all of the preletting activities converge so contracting can take place for construction.

The Office of Contracts is responsible for two major functions of the Iowa Department of Transportation:
  1. Estimating and contract letting.
  2. Bid review, monitoring and collusion detection.
IconUpcoming advertising timelines
The Iowa Department of Transportation will be letting contracts for major projects on several corridors. Different advertisement techniques will be used to address the unique needs of these different projects.

ATTENTION: Beginning with the July 15, 2014 letting (available in June), the Office of Contracts will no longer accept paper bids on any proposals.

IconPlans and proposals for the current letting

IconNew contractor Information

Prime contractor prequalification
Icon Cargo Preference Act January 2016

The Cargo Preference Act (CPA) applies to equipment materials and commodities obtained using U.S. Government funds. When transported by ocean vessels, at least 50% of such items must be transported on privately owned United States-flag commercial vessels, if available.

Cargo Preference Act Notice (.docx)

The FHWA has determined the Cargo Preference Act (CPA) and the implementing regulations, 46 CFR Part 381, are applicable to the Federal-aid highway program. Therefore, the CPA requirements are effective for the Federal-aid highway program.

Implementation of CPA (.pdf)

Office of Contracts
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone: 515-239-1414