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Letting documents - October 2012

The ability to access this information online is not to be construed as an indication that a person or entity is eligible to bid on projects for which bids are being solicited. Contractors must be authorized to submit a bid as a prime by the Office of Contracts. Requests to be authorized to bid as a prime contractor on individual proposals must be submitted through the Bid Express website.

Call group
Alternate pavement types
PCC pavement
HMA – pavement / resurfacing
Surface rehabilitation
Bid order range
001 - 080
081 - 100
101 - 150
151 - 200
201 - 300
301 - 350
Call group
Traffic safety
Buildings and building sites
Erosion control
Bridge painting
Small business contracts
Bid order range
351 - 400
401 - 450
451 - 500
501 - 600
601 - 650
981 - 999
Bid order Proposal ID County Project number Download
003 58-0929-124 LOUISA BRFN-092-9(124)--39-58 Add to Cart
004 68-C068-066 MONROE BROS-C068(66)--8J-68 Add to Cart
005 79-C079-043 POWESHIEK BROS-C079(43)--5F-79 Add to Cart
006 83-C083-051 SHELBY BROS-C083(51)--5F-83 Add to Cart
007 86-C086-080 TAMA BROS-C086(80)--8J-86 Add to Cart
101 52-3715-654 JOHNSON STP-U-3715(654)--70-52 Add to Cart
102 85-0305-239 STORY BRFN-030-5(238)--39-85
Add to Cart
151 07-0636-089 BLACK HAWK NHSX-063-6(89)--3H-07
Add to Cart
152 42-C042-068 HARDIN STP-S-C042(68)--5E-42 Add to Cart
301 09-0931-021 BREMER STPN-093-1(21)--2J-09 Add to Cart
302 25-0802-223 DALLAS IMN-080-2(223)109--0E-25 Add to Cart
303 31-C031-065 DUBUQUE ER-C031(65)--58-31
Add to Cart
304 44-2182-136 HENRY ER-218-2(136)--28-44 Add to Cart
305 56-0611-182 LEE ER-061-1(182)--28-56 Add to Cart
306 78-0293-136 POTTAWATTAMIE IMN-029-3(136)48--0E-78 Add to Cart
307 78-0801-423 POTTAWATTAMIE IM-080-1(423)2--13-78 Add to Cart
351 00-000S-546 STATEWIDE NHSN-000-S(546)--2R-00 Add to Cart
352 00-000S-568 POLK IMN-000-S(568)0--0E-00 Add to Cart
353 33-0037-041 FAYETTE TSF-003-7(41)--92-33 Add to Cart
401 35-0571-026-A FRANKLIN STPN-57-1(26)--2J-35 Add to Cart
402 78-0801-424 POTTAWATTAMIE IMN-080-1(424)3--0E-78 Add to Cart
403 82-0741-232 SCOTT IMN-074-1(232)5--0E-82 Add to Cart
501 42-0205-081 HARDIN NHSN-020-5(81)--2R-42 Add to Cart
502 91-0352-399 WARREN IMN-035-2(399)63--0E-91 Add to Cart

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Be sure to include your company's name to be considered an official "plan holder."

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