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Anticipated contractor-furnished borrow needs

This is advance notification of anticipated needs for contractor-furnished borrow material.  It is the best information available at the time of posting but design details and letting dates are subject to change.  Estimated letting date information is updated routinely at: .

Title Download
Louisa County U.S. 61 Grading PDF icon58-0613-057_Draft_Grading.pdf
Linn Highway 100 PDF icon57-1001-077_C.pdf
Linn Highway 100 Excel icon PrlimLinn100Tsheets.xlsm
Linn Highway 100 PDF iconIA100_TW_BorrowBoring_Lab_Results.pdf
Linn Highway 100 PDF iconia100_tw_borrow_boring_logs.pdf
Linn Highway 100 PDF iconIA100_Borrow_Borings_Layoutreduced.pdf
Woodbury I-29 PDF icon97-0296-186_Plan.pdf