General Co-op and Internship information

Iowa DOT's mission is to deliver a modern transportation system that provides pathways for the social and economic vitality of Iowa, increases safety, and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Iowa DOT's co-op and internship programs are designed to provide students with work opportunities to gain practical knowledge and expose them to hands-on learning to enhance their academic studies. An internship or co-op with the Iowa DOT will give students a venue to network with various government and private industry professionals, while exploring possible career paths within the transportation industry.

Approximately one-third of the Iowa DOT's employees, and more than half of its engineers, work in the central complex in Ames. The rest of the employees are located throughout the state.

At the Iowa DOT, we respect and value the differences that contribute to a successful organization and a positive shared experience. Iowa DOT encourages and strives for a respectful workplace where all employees can be free to achieve personal success and contribute to the overall success of the agency.