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V8 bridge tools

Updated November 21, 2016

The categorized links in the table below provide access to downloads of CADD tools. The CADD files are in MicroStation V8 design file format.

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Category Issue Date File Description
English Seed Files   HwyDivBorder Highway Division Border
09/16 brgSeed All Bridge Design Seed Models
11/16 brgPreEngTSLSheet Preliminary Bridge Design Project Seed
08/13 brgPreEngRepairSheet Preliminary Bridge Design Repair Project Seed
09/16 brgEngSheet Final Bridge Design Project Seed
09/16 brgSumSeed Summary Quantity Sheet
09/16 SumSeed Summary Quantity Sheet PDF File
Cell Libraries 10/16 brgPrelim Preliminary Bridge Design Cell Library
09/16 brgFinal Final Bridge Design Cell Library
07/16 brgNotes Notes Cell Library
06/15 brgHdwl Headwall Cell Library
04/13 brgPreScour Scour Repair Cell Library
DGN Libraries 04/16 BridgeLevels Bridge Levels Library
03/13 BridgeEngStyles Bridge English Dimensions Library
03/13 BridgeMetStyles Bridge Metric Dimensions Library
12/14 BridgeGUI Bridge Graphical User Interface Library
Font Resources   IDOT_Font Iowa DOT Font Library
09/12 Font 83 Key Codes Key Codes for Symbols
Color Tables 02/15 hwyclr Highway Division Color Table
Color Printing 12/13 11x17_pdf PDF Plot Configuration File
11/16 BridgeFullColor Color Pen Table
02/14 BridgeColorPDFPrintStyle Print Style Library