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MicroStation V8

English precast culvert standards

Updated January 29, 2010

For questions on standards, please contact

CADD bridge standard plan files and design manual and commentary disclaimer

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Model Name Revision Date File Description Self-Extracting ZIP File PDF File Related Memo
Precast Culverts
1080 10/08 Quantities and General Notes

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M0112, M0125
M1080 10/08 Metric Quantities and General Notes  
1081 02/10 Construction Notes and Tie Details M0112, M0158, M0175
1082 06/08 End Section Details 0 Skew M0112
1083 06/08 End Section Details for Skews M0112
1084 10/09 Lintel Beam Details M0112, M0158
1085 02/10 Embankment Protection Details M0112, M0175
Barrel Submittal
BBL_SECT 06/08 Barrel Submittal Shop Drawing Sheet
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End Section Submittal
END_SECT 06/08 End Section Submittal Shop Drawing Sheet
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