Aviation in Iowa -aviation’s impact on Iowa’s economy

Plane support In 2009, a report released by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Office of Aviation documented how aviation is used in Iowa and concluded that air transportation is a key contributor to the state’s economy.

The report, titled Uses and Benefits of Aviation in Iowa, was part of a study that analyzed: the economic impacts of on-airport operations; visitor spending; specialized services, such as helicopter emergency medical services and aerial spraying; and aviation-related manufacturing. The report was designed to assist aviation stakeholders in making informed decisions related to operations and investments in Iowa’s air transportation system and as a tool in educating the public on the uses and benefits of aviation in Iowa.

Click on the following to view the executive summary and full technical report.

Uses and Benefits of Aviation in Iowa (2009 Economic Impact report)

Executive Summary (PDF)
Technical Report (PDF)

A healthy air transportation system is important to Iowa. It is estimated that 12% of Iowa’s economy is in one way or another linked to aviation.

Aviation is integrated into every facet of the economy and plays an important role in making Iowa a better place to live. Aviation supports more than 47,000 jobs across the state and has more than an $18 billion economic impact as the following table shows.

Commercial airports$1.3B
General aviation airports $187M
Ag aviation $214M
Helicopter EMS $22M
Aviation-related industry $3.9B
Benefits to business users $12.8B

Iowa’s largest employers rank factors in the following order when selecting locations for new or expanded business facilities.

  • Work force availability
  • Tax incentives
  • Proximity to a commercial service airport
  • Highway access
  • Cost of hiring
  • Proximity to a general aviation airport
  • Suppliers
  • Academic/Cultural centers
  • University and research centers
  • Raw materials

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