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Dragoon Trail

Fort Dodge to Stratford

Special Route and Bridge Designations Starting at the Fort Museum in Fort Dodge: Kenyon Road; Avenue C; Avenue B; Dewey Place; Lainson Avenue; Riverside Trail; Webster County Road P-59; Webster County Road D-33 through Dolliver Memorial State Park; the former Iowa 50 to Lehigh; Webster County Road P-73; gravel roads (320th Street, McGuire Bend Road, 320th Street again, and Washington Avenue); Webster County Road D-54.

  • Alternate: between Otho and Lehigh: Webster County Road D-33; Webster County Road P-59; and the former Iowa 50

  • Alternate: connecting the two branches: Webster County Road D-46 between the former Iowa 50 in Lehigh and Big Bear Road in Hamilton County

  • Alternate: south of Lehigh: Webster County Roads P-73 and Webster D-54 between 320th Street and Washington Avenue (The mainline runs closer to the Des Moines River, but the alternate is paved.)

  • Alternate: along the Des Moines River (entirely gravel): 340th Street; Skillet Creek Avenue; River Road from Webster County Road D-54 to Iowa 175 west of the Des Moines River bridge.

Webster City to Stratford

Superior Street in Webster City; Iowa 17; 280th Street (gravel); Hamilton County Road R27; 320th Street (gravel); Bell's Mill Road (gravel); Hamilton County Road D46; Big Bear Road (gravel); Hamilton County Road R21.

  • Alternate: Closz Drive in Webster City; Inkpaduta Avenue (gravel); 258th Street (gravel); Hamilton County Road R-27 between Iowa 17 and Hamilton County Road D-46

Stratford to Boone

Hamilton County Road D-54; Iowa 175; gravel roads (River Road, 394th Street, 396th Street, and Vasse Avenue) in southern Webster County; gravel roads (Juniper Road, 118th Street and J Avenue) in northern Boone County; Boone County Road E-18; gravel Juniper Road north of Fraser; Kale Road in Fraser; gravel 156th Street and 166th Drive out of Fraser; Boone County Roads R-21 and E-26 north of Boone; Story Street in Boone to U.S. 30.

  • Alternate from Fraser: Kale Road; Boone County Road E-26; gravel roads (188th Road, 192nd Street, J Avenue, 200th Street, Juneberry Road, 208th Street, and J Avenue again); Boone County Road E-41; Boone County Road R-18; and U.S. 30 to the junction with Boone County Road R-23/Story Street in Boone

Boone to Des Moines

from U.S. 30: Boone County Road R-23 (old Iowa 164) into Ledges State Park; Boone County Road E-52 and a series of gravel roads (P Avenue, 260th Street and Peach Avenue) east of the park; Boone County Road E-57; Boone County Road R-26; Boone County Road E-62; Iowa 210 to Madrid; Iowa 17; former and current Iowa 415 through Polk City; NW 84th Avenue west of Ankeny; NW 37th Street; Horseshoe Drive past the Saylorville Lake Visitors Center; NW 37th Street again; NW Toni Drive; NW 66th Avenue; NW 26th Street; Morningstar Drive to Aurora Avenue on the north edge of Des Moines.

Through Des Moines

Aurora Avenue; 6th Avenue; Birdland Drive; Saylor Road; Penn Avenue; University Avenue; East 6th Street; Robert D. Ray Drive; Locust Street; Penn Avenue in front of the State Capitol; Grand Avenue; 3rd Street (SB) and 2nd Avenue (NB); Court Avenue and Walnut Street (NB); Water Street across the Raccoon River near the mouth; SE 1st Street across the Des Moines River; Scott Avenue; SE 6th Street; Hartford Avenue; SE 22nd Street; Evergreen Drive; SE 34th Street; and Army Post Road to U.S. 65.

  • Bus Route: follows Holcomb Avenue and Saylor Road between 6th Street and Penn Avenue instead of Birdland Drive.

  • Alternate: from the intersection of 2nd and Grand Avenues downtown, it follows Grand westward to 4th Street in West Des Moines; from there it follows 5th Street; Railroad Avenue; Iowa 28; Park Avenue; George Flagg Parkway; Fleur Drive; and Locust Street back to 3rd Avenue.

Des Moines to Lake Red Rock:

U.S. 65 northward to SE Vandalia Road/Polk County Road F-70; Iowa 316; a series of gravel roads (Dubuque Street, 40th Avenue, Erbe Street, 60th Avenue, Gear Street, and 85th Place) in Marion County; Marion County Road G-40; Iowa 14 across the Mile-Long Bridge over Lake Red Rock; Marion County Road G-28; and Marion County Road T-15 across Red Rock Dam.

  • Alternate: Iowa 14 southward from County Road G-40 to business Iowa 92 in Knoxville; business and old Iowa 92 east of Knoxville; and County Road T-15. The main and alternate routes both end at the Lake Red Rock Visitors Center at the south end of the dam