A study conducted by Amtrak on behalf of the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) concerning the feasibility of passenger rail service from the Quad Cities to Iowa City on a route originating in Chicago was released April 18, 2008, at a news conference in Iowa City.

Speakers included:
  • Iowa DOT Director Nancy Richardson
  • Iowa City Mayor Regenia Bailey
  • Davenport Mayor Pro Tem Alderman Barney Barnhill
  • Chief Counsel for Iowa Governor Chet Culver James Larew
  • State Senator Daryl Beall, Fort Dodge, member of the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission
  • Amtrak Assistant Vice President-State and Commuter Partnerships (Central) Mike Franke
  • Amtrak Senior Director-National State Relations Ray Lang
  • Iowa Interstate Railroad President and CEO Dennis Miller
Materials shared during the news conference are made available below.

Downloadable Resources

Chicago to Quad Cities study

Quad Cities to Iowa City study

Route Map

Amtrak Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation

For rail passenger service to reach Iowa City, service must first be established from Chicago to the Quad Cities. Information pertaining to the required investment and other specifics about the route must be drawn from both Amtrak reports listed here. A collective summary of the findings are included in the Amtrak PowerPoint presentation.