Registered motor vehicles

  • The total number of vehicles registered in Iowa (autos, buses, trucks, trailers, etc.) equaled 4,237,999 in 2013.

  • There were 944,665 trucks and truck-tractors registered in Iowa in 2012. Among the trucks registered in Iowa, 919,657 are motor trucks and 25,008 are truck-tractors.

  • There were 904,771 registered multipurpose vehicles. (2013)

  • Motorists purchased approximately 55 million gallons of gasoline and 1.077 billion gallons of gasohol in Iowa in 2004.

  • In 2011, the Iowa DOT's Motor Vehicle Enforcement officers conducted 48,389 truck and tractor-trailer safety inspections.

  • There are 12 weigh scale facilities in Iowa: 10 on the Interstate Highway System and two on the Primary Road System. Four of the interstate scales have PrePass technology. Click here for a link to the scale locations.