Interim Director

Mark Lowe
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1111
Fax: 515-239-1120

General Counsel

David Gorham
Special Assistant Attorney General
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1711
Fax: 515-239-1609

Highway Division

The Highway Division is responsible for project design, contracts, construction, technical assistance and consultation, right of way issues, and environmental investigations and compliance. The division ensures consistency with engineering practices and serves as liaison with the U.S. Department of Transportation, local jurisdictions, construction industry, and professional associations. The division reviews traffic safety situations and issues, maintains safety management systems, develops transportation technology transfer, and manages the preservation and operation of the transportation system to ensure safe travel.

The division administers and provides statewide direction for all maintenance activities completed by contract and department forces; plans and administers maintenance of highways and bridges, bridge inspection program, traffic services, and snow and ice control; oversees Adopt-A-Highway program, maintenance information management systems, bridge and highway painting, roadside management, rest area administration, road weather information systems, highway lighting, and utility, access, and drainage permits; and monitors and evaluates the performance of field operations in all maintenance functions.

The division is responsible for planning, development, maintenance, and support of information technology within the highway division and integration of information technology into all aspects of the division’s functions and responsibilities; enhances the safety, efficiency, mobility, and convenience of the state’s transportation system through intelligent transportation systems; and provides team facilitation, training, and partnering through workplace initiatives.

Mitchell J. Dillavou, P.E., director
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1124
Fax: 515-239-1120

District Offices

District 1 - Central
Scott Dockstader, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1635
Fax: 515-239-1472

District 3 - Northwest
Tony Lazarowicz, P.E.
Phone: 712-276-1451
Fax: 712-276-2822

District 5 - Southeast
Jim Armstrong, P.E.
Phone: 641-472-4171
Fax: 641-472-3622

District 2 - Northeast
Jon Ranney, P.E./P.L.S.
Phone: 641-422-9465
Fax: 641-422-9453

District 4 - Southwest
Scott Schram, P.E.
Phone: 712-243-3355
Fax: 712-243-6788

District 6 - E. Central
Jim Schnoebelen, P.E.
Phone: 319-364-0235
Fax: 319-364-9614

Systems Operations Bureau

Sandra Larson, P.E., director
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1128
Fax: 515-239-1719

Offices of:
Bob Younie, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1971
Fax: 515-239-1005

Traffic and Safety
Steve Gent, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1557
Fax: 515-239-1891

Traffic Operations
Scott Marler
Phone: 515-239-1919

Project Delivery

Charlie Purcell, P.E., director
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1128
Fax: 515-239-1719

Offices of:

Bridges and Structures
Norman McDonald, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1564
Fax: 515-239-1978

Construction and Materials

Wes Musgrove, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1352
Fax: 515-239-1845


Phone: 515-239-1414
Fax: 515-239-1325


Michael J. Kennerly, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1783
Fax: 515-239-1873

Local SystemsDonna Buchwald, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1528
Fax: 515-239-1966

Location and Environment

Tamara Nicholson, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1225
Fax: 515-239-1726

Marty Sankey, P.E.
Phone: 515-239-1216
Fax: 515-239-1247

Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division provides internal support services, automation support, and facilities and equipment support. The division assists internal and external customers in applying technology to the business needs of the department; collects, processes, and disseminates information throughout the department; monitors the constantly changing business and information environment; maximizes current investments in technology; implements new technologies and new directions; and coordinates information sharing.

Annette Dunn, director
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1284
Fax: 515-239-1120

Office of:
Enterprise Services
Jeff Sundholm
Phone: 515-239-1583

Motor Vehicle Division

The Motor Vehicle Division administers and enforces federal and state motor vehicle laws and regulations, including the testing, licensing, and appropriate sanctioning of all drivers; maintains driver history files for over 2.1 million Iowa citizens as well as approximately one million records for out of state and unlicensed drivers. The division’s office of driver and identification services issues identification credentials and cooperates with other jurisdictions in exchanging data concerning driver’s licensing and identity. In addition to the 17 Iowa DOT driver’s license issuance sites managed by the office, it also supports 81 county treasurer’s office locations that also issue driver’s licenses and identification cards.

The division maintains and updates crash reports and information; administers financial responsibility laws, driver improvement program, and motorcycle rider program; suspends or revokes driving privileges of drivers who have committed operating while intoxicated or other problem-driver offenses and lifts suspension or revocation when compliance is achieved.

The division titles and registers vehicles that operate interstate and routes over-dimension vehicles on Iowa’s primary and interstate highways. It administers fuel tax and unified carrier registration for Iowa-based carriers; issues intrastate authority to for-hire carriers and trip permits for temporary travel in Iowa; and enforces federal motor carrier safety standards and hazardous materials regulations and size, weight, authority, fuel, and registration laws. Peace officers with the division’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement office inspect and regulate commercial motor vehicle laws related to the size, weight, and registration.

The division investigates title and odometer fraud; resolves failure to transfer title complaints; performs salvage and vehicle theft examinations; investigates driver’s license and vehicle title applications; provides seminars to retail and liquor establishment personnel and local law enforcement concerning driver license fraud and related identify theft; titles and issues registrations for all official vehicles; issues all red-light certificates for all privately owned emergency vehicles; approves and processes abandoned vehicle reports for all law enforcement agencies; and processes surety bonds for vehicles missing supporting ownership documents.

The division administers county-based registration and refunds for noninterstate vehicles; oversees license plate production and inventory; issues special and personalized license plates; regulates all dealer, manufacturer, wholesaler, recycler, and leasing licensing programs, including revocations and suspensions; administers and issues persons with disabilities permits; and regulates and issues all vehicle registration fees through rate book programs so counties are aware of vehicle registration fees.

Mark Lowe, director
P.O. Box 9204
Des Moines, IA 50306-9204
Phone: 515-237-3121
Fax: 515-237-3355

Offices of:
Driver Services
Melissa Spiegel
Phone: 515-237-3010
Fax: 515-237-3071

Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Tina M. Hargis
Phone: 515-237-3040
Fax: 515-237-3056

Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Dave Lorenzen
Phone: 515-237-3219
Fax: 515-237-3387

Bureau of Investigation &
Identity Protection

Michael Athey, Interim
Phone: 515-237-3260
Fax: 515-237-3387

Operations and Finance Division

The Operations and Finance Division provides internal support services for the department. The division is responsible for facilities’ management, including facility design and construction, building and grounds maintenance, lease management, and worksite remodeling and relocation; procurement and distribution activities, including specification development, purchasing, equipment assignment, inventory management, and surplus disposal; and administration of central motor pool, fueling site, warehouse and distribution center, printing and assembly; and mail services.

The division is responsible for human resource management, which includes labor relations; affirmative action; employee training coordination; oversight of classification and pay systems; recruitment coordination; administration of drug screening, employee relocation assistance, educational assistance, employee recognition programs, employee benefits administration, and workers’ compensation. The division also administers the internal and external Civil Rights Program and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program.

The division provides financial management, including budget development, monitoring and presentation of the budget to the Iowa Transportation Commission; administers the agency’s accounting and payroll systems; conducts external and motor carrier audits; and handles tort claims.

The division is responsible for federal and state policy development and evaluation, including identification and analysis of major transportation issues, administrative rules, department’s policies and procedures, contested case appeals, and state legislative programs.

Lee Wilkinson, director
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1340
Fax: 515-239-1120

Offices of:

Employee Services
Todd Sadler
Phone: 515-239-1921

Support Services
Mike Harvey
Phone: 515-239-1327

Cheryl Williams
Phone: 515-239-1474

Policy and Legislative Services

Performance and Technology Division

The Performance and Technology Division provides services focused on management of transportation assets, including the identification of key performance indicators, analysis of performance measures, development of an asset management plan, process improvement, and measuring the effectiveness of this plan. The division provides and maintains significant resources for the agency to track, analyze, and manage its key assets, including the management of transportation data, coordination of activities, system integration, and asset data analysis and dissemination.

The division facilitates the coordination and management of departmental research activities in collaboration with others; and facilitates research needs identification, research program development, implementation, and related funding.

The division provides media and marketing services, which includes media relations; development of marketing and communications plans; issuance of news releases; intranet and internet site management; social media monitoring and engagement, technical editing, graphic design, publications, and photography and video services.

The division is responsible for guiding the process improvement and strategic planning initiatives.

John R. Selmer, director
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone 515-239-1333
Fax 515-239-1120

Offices of:

Strategic Communications
Andrea Henry
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone 515-239-1730
Fax 515-239-817-6508

Research and Development
Peggi Knight, P.E.
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone 515-239-1530
Fax 515-239-817-6645

Organizational Improvement
John R. Selmer
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone 515-239-1333
Fax 515-239-1120

Planning, Programming and Modal Division

The Planning, Programming and Modal Division develops both long- and short-range transportation system plans, coordinates planning activities with metropolitan planning organizations and regional planning affiliations, and conducts public involvement sessions.

The division administers the Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) program; the Transportation Alternatives program; the state’s Recreational Trails Program, as well as the national Recreational Trails Program; Iowa’s Clean Air Attainment Program (ICAAP); funding programs for airport improvement projects; programs to improve the safety of the rail network and highway-railroad crossings; and a program to assist rail infrastructure costs that encourages economic development and rail network development.

The division develops city, county, and state transportation maps; the Iowa Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP); the department’s Five-Year Transportation Improvement Program; and traffic forecasts for highway projects. The division manages the traffic count program, and special legislative and congressionally mandated studies.

The division serves as an aviation advocate and as liaison to the Federal Aviation Administration; provides services that promote and enhance a safe and healthy aviation transportation system in Iowa; builds partnerships and economic development related to aviation; and registers aircraft and aircraft dealers.

The division delivers programs and services to promote a safe and efficient rail transportation system in Iowa; leads the Freight Advisory Council and freight initiatives; and explores opportunities and leads studies to enhance passenger rail services.

The division promotes transportation on Iowa’s navigable rivers and represents Iowa navigation interests with other state and federal agencies.

The division promotes a public transportation system that meets the transportation needs of Iowans through advocacy, technical assistance, and administration of state and federal funds; promotes coordination of all public transportation through the designated public transit agencies while providing technical assistance to agencies receiving federal funds; and serves as a liaison with the Federal Transit Administration in distributing funds to transit agencies in Iowa.

Stuart Anderson, P.E., director
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1661
Fax: 515-239-1120

Offices of:

Phone: 515-239-1659

Program Management
Phone: 515-239-1500

Public Transit
Phone: 515-239-1659

Rail Transportation
Phone: 515-239-1052

Systems Planning
Craig Markley
Phone: 515-239-1027