Bicycles and pedestrians

  • The Iowa DOT is responsible for a coordinated, balanced and intermodal transportation system for all users. The department recognizes bicycling and walking as legitimate modes of transportation and evaluates all state highway improvement projects for bicycle and pedestrian compatibility.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian travel is allowed on all trails and most streets and highways in Iowa, except interstate highways, certain four-lane highways and some city streets.
  • Iowa has more than 1,900 miles of multi-use trails and off-road paths. (2015)
  • In 2015, there were 391 bicycle-motor vehicle crashes involving one or more bicyclists. 5 riders were killed and 408 injured.
  • In 2015, there were 510 pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes involving one or more pedestrians. 25 pedestrians were killed and 541 injured.
  • The Iowa DOT has produced a bicycle map showing Iowa's multiuse trails and the traffic levels on all paved roads in the state. The map may be ordered by visiting
  • The Iowa DOT has developed bicycle safety materials aimed at reducing the number of bicyclist injuries and fatalities, particularly among Iowa's youth. The FREE materials can be ordered by Iowa residents by visiting