Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) and
Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling (MACH)

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NOTICE: All TraCS and MACH users
Microsoft Dot Net version 4.6.1 will need to be installed on all computers at your agency in order for the next version of TraCS and MACH to function. — Expected version release is summer 2016. Please take steps now to ensure Dot Net is updated on computers at your agency.

TraCS and MACH are programs available to Iowa public safety agencies at no charge to help share information.


The TraCS program is an initiative by the Iowa Department of Transportation to collect data from law enforcement at the scene of a motor vehicle collision and send that data electronically to the Iowa DOT. TraCS software and support is provided by the Iowa DOT at no charge to qualifying Iowa public safety agencies. Iowa DOT currently receives over 95 percent of crashes electronically from local and state law enforcement agencies. Over 80 percent of citations written in Iowa are submitted electronically.

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The MACH program was initially developed and piloted in Iowa. MACH is an Internet based communications tool that allows public safety agencies to share information, enhancing cooperation and organization during every day activities and emergency situations. MACH uses the Internet and a sophisticated, scalable, and secure Web-services messaging foundation to offer job enhancing features that have, until now, been unpractical to provide to the public safety official in the field. The MACH software is also provided and supported by the Iowa DOT to qualifying public safety agencies at no charge.

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Officer using the TraCS system in the patrol car