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Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Fund

Public Transit

House File 822 appropriated to the Iowa DOT $1,250,000 for deposit into the Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Fund.

House File 2782 (FY 2007 Infrastructure Appropriations Act) created the Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Fund for the purpose of providing grants for infrastructure-related projects at the 35 public transit agencies throughout the state. The projects must meet the definition of vertical infrastructure.

These funds are awarded through a competitive grant program. This program funds new construction, reconstruction/major renovation and relocation of facilities. Projects may include, but are not limited to, facilities for the administration of public transit operations, facilities for servicing, maintenance or storage of public transit vehicles, transit vehicle fueling facilities, passenger waiting facilities, reconstruction/major renovation or relocation of existing administrative or maintenance facilities to correct violations of safety or design standards. Projects may include all associated design, land acquisition, grading and foundation work. 

The state share is up to 80 percent of the cost of the project, with no maximum amount. Local participation will be considered when prioritizing projects. Both new and rehabilitation projects will be funded each year. Transit systems designated under Iowa Code Chapter 324A are eligible to apply for public transit infrastructure projects. 

Project funding
In May 2009, the PTIGF had a balance of $3,515,643 in funding available. This amount included the I-JOBS PTIGF appropriation of $1.25 million for FY 2010, a PTIGF appropriation of $2.2 million for FY 2009 and $65,643 in carryover funds from previous years’ funding.

The Iowa Transportation Commission had previously selected and obligated funding for $1,537,200 in projects through two rounds of applications the Iowa DOT received during 2008.  Those projects are identified in the table below. 




First Round FY 2009


Relocate transit offices


Region 12

Construct vehicle storage addition


Second Round FY 2009


Relocate administration and maintenance facility





An unobligated sum of $1,978,443 remained available for FY 2010 applications. The first round of FY 2010 applications was due in May 2009. At the Iowa Transportation Commission’s meeting in June 2009, the Iowa DOT presented a funding recommendation for one project worth $160,000 received during the first round. The Commission approved the project during their July 14, 2009, meeting.




First Round FY 2010




Replace exterior insulation and finish surfacing on the west wall of the CyRide maintenance facility


The Commission authorized a second round of applications, which were received in October and resulted in the following projects, approved by the Commission at their Dec. 8, 2009 meeting, obligating all available FY09 and FY10 I-JOBS funding.




Second Round FY 2010



Phase II: Facility relocation
Des Moines
Rehab masonry and energy system upgrade
Region 15 (Ottumwa)
Maintenance shop expansion
Region 2 (Mason City)
Facility expansion
Region 5 (Fort Dodge)
Hamilton county satellite maintenance facility
Region 9 (Davenport)
Replace bus wash system
Region 16 (Burlington)
Transit administration building

For further information about this program contact:

Office of Public Transit
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
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ATTN:  Peter Hallock