I-Jobs-Iowa’s Infrastructure Investment Initiative

Director's Message

Nancy Richardson

Thank you for visiting the Iowa Department of Transportation’s (DOT) I-JOBS Web site, a tool for information about the transportation components of the I-JOBS initiative.

I-JOBS is an $830 million, three-year initiative of the Culver/Judge Administration.  Fundamentally,
I-JOBS is about creating and supporting jobs, boosting the economy and helping Iowa recover from some of the worst natural disasters in our history – the floods and tornadoes of 2008.  The Iowa DOT is very pleased that Governor Culver and Lieutenant Governor Judge made investing in transportation infrastructure part of the solution and that the Iowa Legislature agreed.

Many modes of transportation in Iowa will benefit from the $115 million I-JOBS investment in our state’s primary road system bridges, city and county roads, passenger and freight rail systems, recreational trails, general aviation airports, and public transit systems.

On this site you can learn about the I-JOBS transportation appropriations, requirements and restrictions associated with those funds, general ways in which the Iowa DOT and local governments will invest the funds, specific projects that are being funded, and a wide array of data and information about the projects in both individual and aggregate form. In short, we want this site to provide you everything there is to know about the Iowa DOT’s, cities’ and counties’ use of, and the state’s benefit from, I-JOBS transportation funding.

There is a lot of work to do to spend these funds quickly and as intended. The Iowa DOT is committed to making sure that every tax dollar is spent wisely and that we do so in a fair, open and transparent way. We value the public’s involvement in our journey and encourage Iowans to visit this site often to stay informed about our progress. Whether it is “work zone ahead” or “pardon our progress,” we are excited and appreciative of the opportunities that these I-JOBS funds are providing to Iowa’s transportation systems.