Online resources for pedestrians

Keeping pedestrians focused, safe and alive is another aspect of the distraction issue. Sometimes pedestrians using their phones do not notice objects or people that are right in front to them. The term commonly applied to such preoccupation is "inattention blindness," meaning a person can be looking at an object, but fail to register it or process what it is.

Pedestrians distracted by cell phone calls and text messages risk deadly encounters when entering a crosswalk, crossing the street or railroad tracks, and walking in the vicinity of cars, taxies, trains, buses, and around transportation facilities.

In June 2010, Operation Lifesaver released the video public service announcement "Stay Focused-Stay Alive," which creates awareness about the risk of being distracted while around commuter trains. Operation Lifesaver wants to remind drivers and pedestrians to avoid electronic distractions, especially near train tracks. Whether on foot or driving a vehicle, distractions can be deadly and trains cannot stop quickly.